Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rugs for Communities

At paddington market in Sydney I came across the most fantastic stall selling handmade rugs made by women in Cambodia....there was an inspiring story that went with the rugs. This charitable organisation www.carpetsforcommunities.org was started by an Austalian man, David bacon, who saw the oppotunity to help women and families in need by setting up a small cottage craft industry making these incredibly vibrant hooked rugs. The rugs are made with donated new T-shirt material. Purchasing a rug helps very poor women earn a wage and set programs in place for health and education and helps "remove the financial incentive for human trafficking and the exploitation of children". I bought the rugs pictured for my nieces for christmas. Do yourself a favour and check out their site......it's a wonderful thing!

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Anonymous said...

My aunty bought the turquoise rug for me and it is beautiful