Monday, January 31, 2011

Collage on the Continent

Berlin Germany
One way of really getting to know a city is checking out the posters, flotsam and jetsam and stickers showing  creative events and happenings. It is also perfect inspiration for the collage artist. On my travels I am continually collecting small pieces of paper treasure  with eyes peeled from the ground up. I even commandeer my friends (thanks Shas) to help me in this task. I did these collages when travelling a few years ago on the continent.
Lisboa Portugal
Palermo Sicily
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vanessa said...

I love these-so colourful and vibrant-can we see more?
Patsy said...

Thanks Vanessa, love to patsy!!

Lou said...

I love these collages too! I remember the glitter turning up in every crevice in my Stuttgart apartment from the Christmas collage in your diary.
Oh .. talking of apartments.. if you want to go to BERLIN- definitely 'a happening city' check out this apartment:

Anonymous said...

once again very inspiring. Have new ideas for my Studio Arts class thank you, Wendy