Sunday, January 16, 2011

The urge to spray on walls

 The Berlin wall
One of my favourite types of street art is stencilling. So I am often in the back alleys marvelling at the simple, whimsical and sometimes powerful impact that the medium produces. I love the blurred edges. Often you will see a stencil repeated all over a city.


I too have this urge to join the action with spraycan and stencil. In the meantime there's always some new laneway to discover. 

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Anonymous said...

wow these look great!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am looking at my cement wall and thinking it would look great with some stencilled images....thanks for the inspiration.....Margie

Anonymous said...

YEAH - now I know what to do with that ugly shed wall in the back yard! Think I can do it with a bit of spray paint and a hand made stencil. STAN