Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lou's Shed

My friend Louise is queen of the collectors. She has taught in International schools in many countries, cruising the markets and antique shops in her spare time, picking up many treasures. She has always loved the history that goes with her pieces and even has the first cot she slept in as a babe as well as her pre-loved toys and mothers and grandmother's kitchen items. She has an eclectic mix of household items, toys, laundry items, books and boxes, bottles, music, hats, ethnic art and much more...... she has had to build a shed to house it. I had a wonderful time recently checking out collectors heaven and sparking memories from my youth.

Another web site to check out if your into collections is
This is a really quirky site where Lisa Congdon has posted a collection a day for a year.
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Anonymous said...

Wow a trip down memory makes me long for the smells and sounds of my mum and nan cooking up a storm...especially cakes and biscuits. Melissa

Michelle & Rob said...

Fabulous photographic fragments of Lou's marvellous collection (bet it was hard to decide what to take!).

Lou said...

Thanks Gaye. Even I'm impressed seeing it through your photographer's eyes.I'm sending your blog address so my friends all over can check it out!!!!

Unknown said...

Hello from Canada! Love you blog. Lots of inspiration. I expecially love the birds.... said...

Welcome Canada!!!!Glad you like it. Will post some more bird pics especially for you!

Anonymous said...

Nice collection
But I suggest the lady has not registered,or applied for a company name in S.A
My partener and I have, at great expence registered and trade under the name of Lou's shed
The authorities are aware of this matter and warn all consumers to be aware of unsrupulous dealers. said...

Calma calma.......This is not a business It's just my freind Lou who has her stuff in a shed! Thus I gave the posting the title of "Lou's shed".