Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birds for Robyn

My Good friend Robyn has been waiting patiently for me to put some of my bird photo's on the blog.
Being a ranger with National Parks on the south coast of NSW, she is in heaven because the place is literally teeming with thousands of birds. (the same can be said for the whole of the east coast of Australia) She has been involved in setting up the most wonderful wetlands bird sanctuary called "Panboola" which has been donated to the people by some very generous benefactors. A fantastic place to visit if your in the area!  thebegavalley.org.au/panboola

Photograph 1- Rainbow lorikeets at "Panboola" wetlands sanctuary, Pambula NSW
Photograph 2- Budgerigar, Central Australia
Photograph 3-  White Tern, Lord Howe Island


Anonymous said...

wow! love the budgie. I remember flocks of them as a kid. Is this one in the wild? Jenny (Texas)

smithgaye@hotmail.com said...

Yeah this little one was popping in and out of the nest.
I am pleased to say that I saw many flocks of green budgies consisting of hundreds of birds in central Australia. So used to seeing them in cages, it was wonderful to see them flying free!

Michelle & Rob said...

Your photos are truly inspirational, Gaye. Thanks for sharing them.